First Birthday Of My Baby

First Birthday Of My Baby

Baby's first birthday is very special for any parent and they try their best to make it as memorable as possible. At first it appears to be any birthday party and organising it may appear to be simple task but as the day arrives it turns out to be nightmare for new parents. There are many thing to decide like venue, theme, cake, dress, giveaways and many more to ensure that this event becomes a memorable for them and all their guests.

First Birthday

To start with lets work on one task at a time, first and foremost, the theme. These days children birthday parties are not just about celebration and gathering its more about a themed celebration. Based on the nature and liking of baby parents should decide on the theme, some of the most common birthday themes are baby shark, unicorn, frozen, pumpkin, bat man and many more. In order to decide the most unique theme for little one, you have do a lot of brain storming and decide which character or event your baby likes most. Once you have shortlisted 2 to 3 theme then the search begins for decorations matching that theme. Its very difficult to find right decorations for the theme if you select a very unique theme, you might end up gathering items from different suppliers or locations or even countries. For common themes there are generally specialised decoration sets available at specialised decoration stores. Most common items to include in theme are balloons, ribbons, plates, hats, spoons, napkins and the most important CAKE.

Mermaid Theme Cake

Moving on, once the theme is decided its now time to select the cake, either to go for fondant or cream cakes or cup cakes its all about your choice. But give a proper time to select the style and design of the cake as it will be one of the most photographed item in party. Along with style and design of cake its taste should be good enough for babies, as they will be main guest in party, so no alcoholic cakes.. :) Make sure to book the cake at least 2 days in advance as it will take time for baker to bake and design customised cakes.

Next will be venue, since its baby birthday party make sure the venue is spacious for them to move around and enjoy the party. Also lighting should be good enough at venue for them to enjoy and for better pictures

Party dresses, this is one area where parents generally make mistakes. Remember its a first birthday party of baby, they will mess around, they will puke, they will soil their dress, and sometime even before cake cutting, therefore having just one dress will be a disaster, always have 2 to 3 dresses ready for baby. You don't know when you will need a new dress.

And don't forget photographer, either ask a friend who loves photography or hire a professional but make sure to capture this beautiful event. Also make arrangements for cake smash, either on the same day or one day before or after the birthday. Let baby go and enjoy the cake all on its own, the pictures captured in that process are princess, their first bite, their smashing of cake, and their enjoyment will be remembered forever.

Now, once the party is about to be over, it's time for giveaways. All children loves surprises and gifts, so make sure to have something for all the children who came to the party. It can be toys, candies, cloths, or even plants, its all based on your party theme.

There are many more things which can be added, that all up to you as parents, but the once listed above are most basic and should be a part of any First Birthday party. 


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